How to Write a Descriptive Essay

How to Write a Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is a type of essay in which you describe something. This includes drawing the reader’s attention to a specific aspect of the topic, in addition to interpreting it and describing it. The main goal is to convey your understanding of what is being discussed so that the reader can use their perspectives as well as yours to gain knowledge on the subject at hand.

Tips to write a descriptive essay:

Essay writing isn’t as easy as it might seem, there are several aspects to consider. However, following the few tips presented in this post can go a long way toward your success.

Come up with a clear thesis statement.

Knowing the guidelines for the essay will help you come up with a descriptive title that is relevant and not misleading. Consider your audience when writing an essay, since it is important to know who will read your work.

Write an outline.

An outline can help you clarify your thoughts and organize what you want to say in your essay. It will also help you with time management and focus because once you’ve finished writing the paper, it will be easier to write an outline than to start over if your paper is not organized properly.

Introduce your essay.

The introductory paragraph is the first paragraph of your essay, and it is important because it attracts the attention of the reader. Your introduction should be interesting and informative. You should use a few sentences to describe what you will discuss in your essay and draw the reader’s interest.

Body paragraphs.

The body paragraphs contain the main ideas of your essay, and it is important to elaborate on each idea in each paragraph. Don’t include a lot of details in a single paragraph, because you may bore your audience or lose their attention.

Use of subheadings.

Breaking your essay into sections can help the reader understand your thesis statement. This is important because it gives the reader a brief synopsis of what comes next in the paper without giving away too much information.

Be descriptive.

Describe the topic you are writing about in detail. Relate it to a similar situation or something familiar to your audience so that they can relate the information to their own lives and experiences.

Use relevant examples.

While you should try not to overuse examples, one or two relevant examples may help the reader understand your point better and provide them with substantial information on which to consider as they reach their own conclusion on your topic.

Use a variety of sentences.

In your essay, make sure that certain sentences are short while others are longer. Short sentences (1-7 words) can be more effective than longer ones because they’re easier to read and understand. However, longer sentences (11-15 words) can be just as effective when you use them correctly.

Make every sentence count.

When you are writing an essay, make sure that your reader understands the message you are trying to get across and doesn’t get confused. If any sentences seem redundant, delete them so that there is no confusion and the reader understands exactly what you’re trying to say.

Write a conclusion.

The conclusion should include a few final thoughts about your topic, such as information that you didn’t include in the paper or ideas that you want to summarize. The conclusion should be short and not take up too many pages of your essay.

Proofread and edit.

Even if you are a talented writer, don’t think that you can just write a bad essay because it will be amazing if you don’t proofread. There is always something you can be doing to make your essay better. Don’t let any sentence, sentence fragment or entire paragraph go through without editing.

Correct grammar and spelling are very important in your essay, so make sure that you proofread and edit it several times to make sure that there are no mistakes before you hand it in.


It is fun to write a descriptive essay every once in a while. You get to think out of the box and engage your readers in what you are writing. As long as your essay is logical, even the most mundane objects can have a life of their own. Enjoy your essay and learn new things in the process!

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