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How to Write an Essay Outline?


The process of writing an essay is more difficult than it seems. In addition to the right introduction and conclusion, there are many other factors to consider. A thesis statement is given in the introduction, and your argument is summed up at the end. Within the body of the essay, however, there is much more to discuss. Your points and arguments can be found in the body of the essay.

Unless you have written an essay before, you may not know where to begin when creating one. Below is an outline you can use as a guide.

  1. Provide an Overview of the Essay’s Topic

Decide on the topic of the essay before beginning to write it. However, before beginning to write it, you should think about the type of essay you wish to write. It is important to decide on the topic of the essay in order to create a structure.

The next step is to introduce your essay to your readers after you have decided on its type and topic. To ensure your readers understand your argument, you should provide information in the introduction to your essay. Here you will present your arguments in the form of a thesis statement. A thesis statement must summarize the central idea of the essay.

  • Make Your Point

Your argument is presented in the second part of the essay. This paragraph should appear in the essay. This section contains a great deal of information. Make sure you do not become too greedy when using paragraphs, but make sure you use as many as you want.

It is essential to have a topic or an idea supporting the thesis for every paragraph. Facts, research, data, and other credible options should be cited to support the argument.

The body is where you take the ideas from the introduction and support them with points.

Every paragraph should start with a topic sentence that ties its contents to the global essay topic. Throughout every paragraph, keep emphasizing important points and related ideas.

  • State Your Position Once More

Consider the opposing viewpoints that could counter your thesis. Whenever you present a counter-argument, you should prepare a briefcase before explaining why your thesis is stronger.

Provide the facts about the topic and consider all aspects. By adding credibility, you will ensure that the reader will be interested in what you have to say. The reader should be taken smoothly into the next argument point with a transition sentence.

  • Summarize Your Argument

The purpose of writing an essay is to make a point. In order to develop a thesis or a statement of your argument, you must first come up with a statement. Once you have your thesis, you need to gather evidence to support it. You can use statistics, expert opinions, personal anecdotes, or anything else that supports your argument. Lastly, you need to summarize your essay by restating your thesis and giving your final thoughts.

  • Conclusion

It is the conclusion that represents the end of the structure. The thesis statement tells your readers what this essay is about. This section restates your thesis. You should start with the thesis statement.

Make sure not to repeat the sentence word for word. Make sure to state the points and paraphrase them. It is better to summarize what has already been said rather than introduce new arguments. Your conclusion should summarize all the thoughts you have expressed throughout your essay.

How you will implement the thesis you’ve presented should be mentioned in the conclusion of your essay. There are several ways you can highlight the solutions provided in the essay or simply incorporate other aspects influenced by the thesis statement.

Some things need to be avoided in order to make the essay’s conclusion strong enough. In particular, you should avoid undermining your arguments. Avoid writing sentences including ‘To summarize’ or ‘In conclusion’. You will appear more important by doing this. A conclusion is frequently ignored by most readers. The conclusion has to be as good as the body paragraph itself.

Bottom Line

Keep in mind that the reader will scrutinize your handling of the essay’s fundamentals if you are writing one. A good understanding of the essay structure and the writing process is one thing, but the ability to present the thesis in a clear and concise way is another. Your essay needs to follow a logical flow and be coherent.

Reviews review

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Essay Writing Help and Tips

Essay Writing Help and Tips
Essay Writing Help and Tips

Every student needs to write hundreds of essays in their life, starting from school to college and even extending to a higher level of education. Essay writing is an essential part of a student’s education. It is so important that nowadays students are even opting for essay writing services to help them with their schoolwork. Even though many students learn to perfect the art of essay writing along the way, it always saves time to have a guide, and it also helps in getting better grades faster.



Students might get carried away while writing an essay and end up thinking that more complicated and critical sentences equal better grades which couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, you’ll get better grades by writing easily understandable essays. Professors don’t have much time, so the more concise and to the point your essays would be, the happier they are.


Thesis statements help in revealing the central theme and idea of the essay. It is a very important element of an essay and must be included. The absence of a thesis statement might lead to a bad impression on the reader. Keep in mind that you should never start an essay with a thesis. It should include somewhere at the end of the introductory passage.


It might seem odd if one paragraph of an essay is completely cut off from the one written just before it. This is a very wrong way to write a piece of writing. The reader should get the points simultaneously. The shift from one point to the other should be smooth, making it easier for the reader to understand the essay. One can do this with the help of various phrases to transition between the two paragraphs. Some examples of such phrases are:

  • Regarding this…
  • Speaking about the topic…
  • Talking about this…

Citing examples could help you to get your point across with reliable data. Examples help in convincing the reader about your idea. You can use various quotations related to your subject matter or even use examples from your own life! There are no limitations to where you can cite your examples.


Style might not be the primary focus of the essay, but it is an important element. It helps create the first impression on your professor or any reader. It expresses your ability to understand the subject matter and to write accordingly. You must analyze what type of essay you have been given and what kind of format and style it requires before writing it. You can quickly figure it out by reading the directions which had been laid out beforehand.