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For College: How to Write a Movie Review

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Have you been in a scenario where you just finished watching an excellent movie, and you want to share your opinion on it? Or, have you ever had to write a review on a particular film?

There are a few tips that could help you create a scintillating and entertaining movie review.

Movie Review

A movie review is the analysis and evaluation of movies and the agencies or channels which create films. The concept is sometimes used alternately with that of movie criticism. All film criticisms are not precisely like movie reviews, even though movie reviews include endorsements aimed at consumers.

To some extent, it is a movie review that would pique the interest of a reader, and it could also go a long way in determining if the reader would have a desire to go and see a movie or not.

Before we start…

It would be time-saving and effective if you arrange all the things needed before writing your movie review. It is also vital to watch the whole movie more than once before you begin writing a movie review. The purpose of this is to grasp all the information you need to construct a detailed review. Here are some steps which you can use to build your movie review:

  • Introduction: This would include the movie’s name, release date, the cast, rating, length of the film, and other surrounding information.
  • Don’t forget the catch: The preliminary paragraph of your review be scintillating to catch or draw the reader’s attention. Focus on something exceptional that can differentiate you from other reviewers.
  • Synopsis: When writing a movie review, it is essential to supply a brief general outlook of the story.
  • Break-down of the events: Simply put, the break-down of events has to do with the plot or storyline of the movie, including the most important occurrences of the film, how the characters change, climax and resolution.
  • Creative elements: This includes the characters, tone, decorations, costumes, sound effects, music, use of colors, genre, symbols, dialogues, visual and audio elements, and everything that sums up or taken out from the storyline.
  • Opinion: This is the part where you state your views concerning the movie you are reviewing. You must have accurate and valid points about the film you want to assess. Think of it as a debate. What do you think of the film? Are you for or against it? Support your opinion with proof from the film, description of characters and scenes. You can make comparisons as well.
  • Evaluation and Conclusion: After organizing your analysis and opinion, give the movie your evaluation. Let your reader know whether the filmmaker could work with the movie’s supposed storyline and then if you would recommend it to them. Some reviewers, at the end of their reviews, choose to give the film their rating. It could be in the form of a letter grade or a percentage score.

Essential Elements of a Movie Review for College

1. Name of the movie – The movie’s name is not for the headlines of your review alone. It is also in the introductory paragraph of your review. You could also have it in the main body of the review.

2. Actors– You must also include the casting of the movie in your review. It is your job to write what you think about the roles the actors played in the film. Do you think they were fit for that role? Do you think they were struggling to be in character? What other actor do you think would have done a better job in playing a particular character?

3. Synopsis – The review’s main aim is to describe, analyze, and summarize movies for readers who haven’t seen them yet. In a case where your teacher gives you a film to review, do not assume he has watched the movie. In doing so, you will end up missing important details and, eventually, produce a nebulous movie review. Analyze the film, share your thoughts and opinions concerning the film, backing your views with evidence from the movie scenes and dialogues.

4. Creative aspects – Creative aspects or elements are what filmmakers use to add beauty and concept to a movie. It is a vital tool that helps to bring out the uniqueness and peculiarity of a film. These elements are essential to the plotline and the movie as a whole. A movie’s sound and music effects, costumes, choice of color, lighting, and camera POVs can either make or mar a film, pique the viewer’s interest, or bore the viewer as well.

5. Film Director – This is another critical element to include when reviewing a movie. Most readers, surprisingly, might be interested in information about the film director. It is therefore relevant to do a little research about the film director. You could write a paragraph about the person who directed the movie and his/her previous works, controversies in his/her career, and awards if he/she has won any.

6. Relevance to your course – This is another vital element of movie review writing. Its purpose is to let your teacher and readers know how the movie relates to and is relevant to your course of study. 

Pro Tips

If you want to improve your movie reviews writings, here are a few essential tips to take note of:

  • Write as you Watch: Whenever you watch the film you want to review, note any creative elements you wish to discuss in your review. Write down things that interest you, such as costumes, lighting and camera angles, color choices, background music, CGI, and other elements you think your reader will find interesting as well.
  • Avoid spoilers: When writing a movie review, consider that most of your readers haven’t seen the movie. Therefore, to protect their interest, you must avoid material that may spoil the reader’s movie plot. Keep the language and dramatic structure as vague as possible.
  • Repetitive viewing: This is a beneficial tip in movie review writing. Viewing a movie more than once could open your eye to some details you may have missed before or did not take note of at all. Also, endeavor to note the movie’s technicalities’ tiny details, from the storyline to the creative elements.


In conclusion, before you submit your review, edit it for clarity. Also, check for spelling and grammatical errors, which can distract readers or make it difficult for them to comprehend your review.